Practical Guide

Advice from your landlord

You are on vacation, be relaxed but above all be careful, the traffic is heavy and people are often absorbed, looking for their direction and do not have their usual reflexes. On your two wheels, it’s up to you to be extra vigilant to tan without bandages…

Have you just found the beach you were looking for? Do not forget to attach your vehicle by the rear wheel to a fixed point, you will see fish and find your deposit!

The day was great but I would never have returned at 7 p.m. so I called my landlord…

And for me it’s only happiness!

When I want to have a good day, first I reserve…

When I want to rent, I check if I have my license and a means of payment for the deposit, my rental company will certainly explain the details to me at the time of departure (fuel, locks, storage, etc.).

Good tips for walks, restaurants and beaches are given to me by my landlord!

If you have space in your bag, take your helmet, it will always be more pleasant to wear.

Have you ever rented a scooter? Do not hesitate to tell your landlord, this will prevent you from losing the deposit within half an hour.


Our rates are made up and apply to the various services below

Vehicle maintenance and repair

Unlimited third party, passenger, theft, fire and damage to the vehicle with excess of the amount of the deposit


Unlimited for roll up to 125cc, 300 kilometers per day and 350km per 24 hours for vehicles over 125cc. Additional kilometer: €0.30

Remember that to rent you must meet the legal requirements

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