Rental Conditions

Remember that to rent, you must meet the conditions below which mainly concern the age and type of vehicle.

50 cc :

Minimum age to drive: 14 years old, BSR according to the regulations in force.

125 cc :

License A, A1 or B obtained before 01/03/80, or being able to justify even one day of insurance in your own NAME during the last five years, or the validation of the A1 if validated by the stamp of the prefecture.

+ 125 cc :

License A for more than 2 years, 21 years minimum.

Car and Quad:

Driving license B for more than 2 years, 21 years minimum.

Conditions of the rental contract – SARL BlueBikes

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Driver's license :

You must present your driver’s license before renting a vehicle.


The rental is payable in advance

Rental and extension:

The rental and deposit prices are determined by the rates in force and payable in advance. The deposit can not be used in any case for an extension of rental. In order to avoid any disputes and in the event that the lessee wishes to keep the vehicle for a period longer than that indicated on the rental contract, he must, after having obtained the agreement of the lessor, send the amount of the rental
additional before the expiration of the current rental.

In the event of delay, in addition to the proceedings to which the tenant will be exposed, each unauthorized additional day will be invoiced at double the rental price and in the event of an accident, the damage done to the rented vehicle will be invoiced to him.
Any 24-hour period started will count as a full day.
In case of early return, no refund will be made.

Vehicle use:

The lessee undertakes not to allow the vehicle to be driven by persons other than himself or those approved by the lessor and for whom he stands surety. He also undertakes to use it only for his personal needs and refrains from participating in any
competitions as well as their trials or preparation.

The vehicle must only be used on European territory and on roads suitable for car traffic (except Trail bike).
Any use of the vehicle for purposes other than those for which it is intended by the manufacturer entails claims for damages. The repatriation of a damaged or broken down vehicle outside the metropolitan territory, is the responsibility
from the tenant to the border.

Compliance with regulations:

As soon as the lessee takes possession of the vehicle, he becomes the sole legal guardian and therefore remains solely responsible under article 21 of
ordinance 58 – 1216 of December 15, 1958 of fines, fines, reports and customs proceedings established against him.
Minors under the age of 18 are only authorized to rent a cycle with the counter-signature of their legal representative.

Vehicle condition:

By taking the vehicle, the tenant acknowledges that it is in good working order. The tenant cannot claim any compensation for interruption of service
incident or accident attributed to the malfunction of the vehicle nor under this pretext to evade the commitments incumbent on it.
The lessee acknowledges that the vehicle includes the normal accessories and optional equipment that he must return in good condition, failing which he will have to pay
the value at the price of the tariff.
The vehicle will be returned in the same state of cleanliness as on departure or subject to an additional charge for washing. Prohibition of carrying out modifications or transformations on the vehicles.

Gasoline - Oil and tires:

Throughout the duration of the rental, the supply of oil, gasoline and grease are the responsibility of the tenant who must constantly check the levels
of oil. However, the lessor will pay for the lubrication and minor maintenance, but only if these works are carried out at his garage.
The lessor bears the cost of maintenance and the replacement of tires resulting from normal use of the vehicle but not from clumsiness or
driver inexperience, run-flat accident, skidding, braking, etc…
Having recognized the good condition of the tires at the start, the lessee may not, under any circumstances, claim a fortuitous bursting even if he is expected to have been
the cause of an accident, to evade the obligations incumbent upon him.
Punctures of tires and their repair are the responsibility of the tenant at the current rate.

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Maintenance and repair :

Repairs due to normal wear and tear of the vehicle are the responsibility of the lessor.
On the other hand, work that has become necessary as a result of poor maintenance of the vehicle due to the negligence or inexperience of the driver will remain the responsibility of
whole of the tenant.
If along the way, work becomes necessary on the vehicle, the lessee must contact the lessor by telephone who will indicate the
measures to be taken. If communication cannot be established, the lessee must park the vehicle while waiting to be able to obtain communication with the lessor.

Insurance - Deposit:

From the moment the vehicle is handed over to the lessee, the latter becomes, vis-à-vis third parties, the sole guardian responsible under the terms of article 1384 of the Civil Code.
However, subject to the formal condition that the vehicle will be driven by the lessee or the approved driver, the lessee will be guaranteed.

1/ For an unlimited amount against the pecuniary consequences of its civil liability for BODY DAMAGE or MATERIAL DAMAGE CAUSED TO THIRD PARTIES (damage resulting from fire or explosion limited to €228,674) material damage between BLUE BIKES vehicles is excluded from this guarantee and will be subject to recourse against the tenant, within the limit of the deposit, as defined in paragraph 2.

2/ In the event of a responsible accident (with or without a third party), the recourse exercised by the lessor against the lessee may not exceed the amount of the deposit paid by the
tenant and mentioned on the front of this contract.

3/ Against fire and theft of the rented vehicle, with excess of the amount of the deposit. The deposit is retained to cover the damage suffered by the lessor of the
fire or theft of the vehicle or its accessories. In case of bad faith of the tenant, legal proceedings for breach of trust may
be engaged.

4/ Damage resulting from an accident suffered by the driver is not guaranteed. The passenger is guaranteed in this respect.

5/ The above insurances are only in force for the duration of the stipulated rental. If the tenant keeps the vehicle beyond without having regularized his situation under the conditions provided for in the paragraph “Rental – Extension”, he loses the
benefit of all the guarantees provided for in the contract.

Vehicle papers:

When the gray card and the insurance certificate are given to the lessee when the vehicle is picked up, these documents must be returned to the lessor at the time of
the return of the vehicle, failing which, these parts being essential for new rentals, the rental will continue to be invoiced to him at the initial price
until the delivery of the parts to the lessor.
If the tenant is unable to return the car registration document, the costs of reconstituting the file will be borne by the tenant who undertakes to carry out
declarations necessary to obtain the duplicate.

The tenant agrees not to request customs documents for the passage abroad

Return of the vehicle:

The rented vehicle which does not cease to be the property of the lessor must be taken back by the care of the lessee or at his expense, to the domicile of the lessor during the working
days It is expressly agreed that the lessor being essential for new planned rentals, and in the absence of express renewal of the rental,
may, without any formality and without legal proceedings, immediately repossess the said vehicle, in whatever hands it is and under
any reserve of request for additional damages for the damage caused. The lessee formally refrains from abandoning the vehicle without
have obtained the lessor’s agreement.

If it is impossible to repatriate the vehicle, it will be at the expense and by the care of the tenant, the rental remaining due until the return of the vehicle. In the event of non-return or
within 48 hours, legal action will be taken.

Mandatory formalities in case of accident :

1/ In the event of an accident or fire, the tenant undertakes
to make a written statement to the lessor within 48 hours, specifying the surnames, first names, age, domicile and driving license number of the driver, the
name and address of the injured party as well as those of the witnesses and to provide him with all information on the circumstances of the claim.

2/ In the event of theft, the lessee agrees to notify the lessor and the police immediately and without delay.

3/ The lessee undertakes to communicate to the lessor, upon receipt, all documents
received from injured third parties, letters of reserve or claim or summons, summonses, criminal or civil notices which will be
addressed, and to give it all powers and information to allow it any useful recourse. No acknowledgment of liability or transaction occurring outside the lessor will not be enforceable.

4/ If the responsibility of a third party is committed, the tenant can only exercise for the prejudice that he has personally suffered after agreement of the lessor and he will not be able to initiate a procedure against the author of the accident than with his autorisation. The tenant may not under the pretext of liability of a third party, refuse or suspend the payment of the repair costs or compensation which he may be liable in any capacity to the renter.

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